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Reading is the fundamental basis for a lifetime of learning. Not only learning to read, but instilling a love of reading in children, is important in order for that child to develop maturity, critical thinking skills, and to help them discover new ideas and things. From nursery rhymes when we are very young to bedtime stories, reading to young children helps them to develop their own communication skills. As children reach middle and high school, reading helps them to learn more about the world they live in and about themselves.

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Children's Authors

  • Authors: This website presents a directory of children’s authors in alphabetical order. Clicking on an author’s name takes you to a biography of that author, a list of works, and in some cases, an interview with the author.  
  • Children’s Authors: This directory of 15 children’s authors allows the user to click on the author’s name, which takes you directly to the author’s personal website.
  • The Official Eric Carle Web Site: The website of popular children’s author Eric Carle features a biography, list of books, photos, games, downloads and more.
  • Bill Martin Jr.: This website is the home of authors Bill Martin Jr. and Michael Sampson. It features biographical information about them, lists of works, and publicity information.
  • Into the Wardrobe: A C.S. Lewis Web Site: This website offers biographical information, lists of books and other works, and resources about children’s and young adult’s author C.S. Lewis.
  • The Official Berenstain Bears Website: This fun website for kids presents the world of the Bernstain Bears, including information about authors Stan and Jan Berenstain, activities, games, books, and more.
  • Laura Numeroff – Her Very Own Web Site: This website for popular children’s author Laura Numeroff features biographical information, a list of works, music, and some of Numeroff’s favorite things. There are sections for kids, parents and teachers.
  • Graham Salisbury: This website features biographical information about the author, as well as a list of his works, his musical releases, teacher’s guides to his works, and more.
  • Beverly Cleary: This website presents biographical information about Beverly Cleary and information about her popular children’s books.

Famous Bed Time Stories

  • The Snowy Day: This website offers a summary of the Ezra Jack Keats story and presents activities children can do that go along with the story.
  • Ten, Nine, Eight: Presented by Scholastic, this website offers information about the popular children’s bedtime story and about its author, Molly Bang.
  • Are You My Mother? This site rates the story “Are You My Mother?” giving a summary, review of various topics in the book, and recommended ages.
  • The Three Little Pigs: This site presents the entire text of the famous story “The Three Little Pigs.”
  • The Three Bears: This site by the Baldwin Project presents the text of the famous story “The Three Bears.”
  • The Little Engine That Could: This website by the Rosetta Project of Children’s Books Online presents the text and photos of this popular children’s story.
  • Bedtime Home Page: This site presents a variety of bedtime stories and authors of bedtime stories. Clicking on a link takes you directly to the story.
  • The Boy Under the Bed: This site presents the entire text, and photos, of the popular bedtime story by Preston McClear.
  • The Owl and the Pussycat: This site presents the entire text, with images, of the popular bedtime story/poem by Edward Lear.
  • Bedtime Stories: This site presents a variety of bedtime stories from American folklore, including “Babe the Blue Ox” and “Three Billy Goats Gruff.”


Young Adult

  • Good Reading Online: This site presents classic stories and authors preferred for young adults. Some of these include “Moll Flanders” by Daniel Defoe and “A Christmas Carol” by Charles Dickens.
  • Judy Blume on the Web: The popular young adult author’s personal website features biographical information, Blume’s tips on writing for young adults, and more.
  • Reading Rants! Out of the Ordinary Teen Book Lists: This website presents books recommended for teenagers that are a bit different than the traditional young adult books.
  • Best Books for Young Adults: Sponsored by the American Library Association, this site offers lists by year of the most recommended books for young adults.
  • Female Coming-of-Age Stories: This site presents a list of female coming-of-age stories recommended for young adult females.
  • Daniel Hayes: The author’s website features biographical information, information on his popular books for teens, interviews with Hayes and more.
  • Young Adult: This site presents an extensive list of books recommended for young adults, listed alphabetically by author’s last name. A summary of each book and its publication information is included.
  • Young Adult Books Central: This website offers information about the latest young adult books, including video trailers, reviews, and more.
  • Under Five: Best Young Adult Books Published in the Past Five Years: This site recommends what a teacher thinks are some of the best young adult books published in the past five years. A brief summary of each book is included.
  • Edgy Young Adult Books: This site by the Cooperative Children’s Book Extension of the University of Wisconsin-Madison School of Education offers a bibliography of some of the books for young adults over the years that have pushed the boundaries.

Writing Tips and Storytelling

  • Kids Love a Mystery: This site presents all sorts of activities and games for children who love mysteries. Kids mystery books, mystery authors, mysteries for kids to solve, and discussions of mystery books are included.
  • Story Writing Tips for Kids: Children’s author Corey Green offers tips on story writing for children, from ideas, to sketching the basics, to filling in details, to planning the plot, to planning scenes, to writing and revising the story.
  • Interactive Plot Diagram: This site sponsored by offers a plot diagram to show children how to design the plot of a story.
  • Interactive Creative Writing: This site from the United Kingdom offers an interactive lesson in creative writing for children.
  • Writing with Writers: Descriptive Writing: This site from Scholastic offers tips on descriptive writing from author Virginia Hamilton.
  • Books, Stories, Writing Contests and Publishing for Kids: This forum for kids allows them to post questions about story writing and post their works for other kids to read and comment upon.
  • Write on Reader: This Think Quest site shows children how books are made, gives advice and tips on writing, and more.
  • Bright Ideas for Writing: Sponsored by Houghton Mifflin, this site offers tips for grades 1 through 5 on writing, from opinions to persuasive essays.
  • Story Starters: This site offers free illustrated online story starters to get kids writing.
  • Young Author’s Workshop: This site from the University of Alberta offers kids writing advice, ideas, interactive writing projects and more.
  • Writing for Kids: This site offers all kinds of tips and advice for kids interested in writing. Some include describing the writing process, how to get published, and how to write descriptively.

Book Discussion Groups

  • Book Discussion Guides for Kids: Sponsored by the Multnomah County Library, this site lists discussion guides for popular children’s and young adult’s books.
  • Book Discussion Kids: Sponsored by the University of Calgary, this site lists book discussion groups, reviews and newsgroups kids may sign up for online.
  • BookMuse: This site lists books popular with each grade level, from kindergarten to young adult, and offers a discussion guide and reader reviews of each book.
  • Start Your Own Book Club: This site by offers information for kids on how to start a book club. Ideas for books and discussions are included.
  • Teen Book Clubs: This site lists popular books for teens and ideas on how to start book clubs. Clicking on each book title will take you to a summary of the book and sample discussion questions for that book.
  • World of Reading: Sponsored by Ann Arbor District Library, this site allows kids to browse book reviews and write their own book reviews to be published.
  • Pierce County Library Teen Online Book Club: This site sponsored by Pierce County Library (Washington) allows kids to sign up for a teenage online book club.
  • Al’s Book Club for Kids: This site presented by NBC Television Network offers Al Roker’s recommendations of books for kids and his Book Club.
  • Reading to Kids Books by Month: This site presents books selected by teachers for each grade level for each month. Summaries, activity and question ideas for each book are included.
  • Spaghetti Book Club: This site presents book reviews by kids, for kids. Schools, groups and individuals may participate.
  • Teen Online Book Club: This site lists a variety of online book clubs, including some for teenagers. These clubs are conducted totally online. 

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