Pioneering Cartoonists of Colour

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**Note to editor: I tried really hard to find good, quality links to all of the artists listed, but there is limited information on African American cartoonists on the web. I spent a lot of time searching everything I could think of, so I hope this suffices. Thanks.

 In 2007, the art of cartooning celebrated its 100th anniversary. Although much attention has been given to notable caucasian artists, there has been little information put forth on the talents of African American cartoonists. African Americans have made groundbreaking contributions to the likes of Marvel and Archie comics as well as political cartooning and newspaper comic strips. Below are some of the most renowned African American cartoonists and their work.

Charles H. Alston

Muralist, Sculptor and Painter: an overview of Alston's works.

About the Charles Henry Alston Papers: biographical information and overview of his collections.

Edd Ashe

Who's Who of American Comic Books: features a listing of Ashe's works.

The Wizard: a look at Ashe's most noted character and comic.

Brumsic Brandon Jr.

Biography: the life and works of Brumsic Brandon Jr.

Bibliographies and Exhibitions: a listing of Brandon's works and displays.

Buck Brown

Obituary: the 2007 notice of death that highlights Brown's most famous creations.

Robert 'Buck' Brown: an overview of the cartoonists works including Playboy's “Granny.”

Henry Brown

Henry Brown: the official website of the artist.

E. Simms Campbell

E. Simms Campbell: a biographical overview as well as displays of his work.

Walt Carr

Archive Cartoons: a display of Carr's political cartoons.

Chester Commodore

Interview: a PBS interview with Commodore about his life and work.

Commodore: examples of Commodore's work and information on his breakthroughs as an African American artist.

Elton C. Fax

The Elton Fax Collection: includes biographical information as well as an overview of his collections housed at Syracuse University

Tom Feelings

The Middle Passage: an overview of the 5 pages of drawings depicting the slave trade.

The Artist: a look at the life and accomplishments of Feelings.

Ollie Harrington

Oliver Harrington Biography: a sketch of Harrington's life as well as suggested further readings.

African American Registry: more information on the life of the pioneering cartoonist Oliver Harrington.

George Herriman

Krazy Kat: information on one of Herriman's most noted comics.

Herriman Biography: a look at the pioneering work of George Herriman.

Al Hollingsworth

Art: examples of Hollingsworth's works.

Jay Jackson

The Jay Jackson Years: an overview of Jackson's comic Bungleton Green.

Samuel Joyner

Samuel Joyner: a biographical overview of Joyner as well as images of his cartoons.

Calvin Massey

Cal Massey: a biographical overview of Massey's life and illustrations.

Further Information: more biographical information as well as a look at the 1996 Olympic Medallions designed by Massey.

Roger Powell

Biography: a look at Powell's early life and interests in cartooning.

Leslie Rogers

Leslie Rogers: an article on comic art that discusses Rogers' work on Bungleton Green and his relationship with fellow cartoonist Jay Jackson.

The Reaction to Real Life and “Reel” Life: a print of one of Rogers' comic strips.

Ted Shearer

Quincy: information Shearer's most notable newspaper comic strip.

Obituary: Shearer's New York Times obituary gives a biographical sketch of the artist's life.

Jim B. Watson

Pioneering Cartoonists: a listing of pioneering cartoonists as well as their works including Watson.

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