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The Ultimate Writing Resource Page  

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The Ultimate Writing Resource Page

Writing is a discipline that requires tenacity. It doesn't come easily to most people. Even the best writer needs a list of resources to get those creative juices flowing.


Right vs. Left Brain Quiz Learn if you are more creative or logical and why by taking this quiz from the Art Institute of Vancouver.

Creative Aerobics Unleash your mind to unleash new perspective and creativity.

The Writing Process

Writing Process Activities Develop your writing process through teacher/student strategies.

Writing Process Flowchart Takes you from pre-writing to discovering your audience and gathering information to writing your first draft.

English Grammar

Grammar and Writing Index Clickable reference guide to grammar and composition. 

Grammar Topics This reference includes a punctuation guide and quizzes.

Style and Usage

MLA Style Handbook This style is used mainly by academia. Uses a "Works Cited" list.

APA Style Used mostly for the social sciences, the APA style uses author/date referencing. Uses a "References" list.

Chicago Manual of Style  Quick guide to citations used mostly for writing in the humanities and history.

Plain Language

Government to Public Communication The United States government site addressing how to take the complicated language of "government speak" and translating it into plain language that the public can easily understand.

Center for Plain Language Resource guiding organizations how to take complicated writing and create easily understood writing.

Language Everyone Can Understand Multidisciplinary site on the dissemination of plain language to the masses.

Action Writing

A Handbook of Rhetorical Devices Over sixty ways to help create effective writing.

Glossary of Rhetorical Terms Words and examples from alliteration to zeugma.

Writing to Persuade This is written from a business point of view with great points of applications to general writing.

Persuasive Writing Influence your reader with specific evidence and logic.


English Synonym Dictionary Synonyms available in English, French, Spanish, German, Russian and Chinese. Also translation, dictionary and conjugation.

Slang Colloquialisms, "made-up" words, web words, their definitions and examples.

Obscure Words Over 9,000 obscure English words.

Word Play

Word Games Tons of games to keep your vocabulary growing.

The Right Word Helps Get the answer to the word question correct and Free Rice will donate 10 grains of rice to the UN World Food Program.

Buzzword Hangman Figure out what the mystery buzzword is!

Online Writing Experts

Ask a Linguist Professional linguists answer language and word related questions from readers.

The Internet Public Library Don't see an answer to your question, ask an Internet Public Library librarian.

Ask an Expert Got a writing question, find someone to answer it here.

Books On Writing

The Elements of Style William Strunk, Jr.'s classic writing style guide for composition writing and literature.

The Ten Best Writing Books Ever A .pdf file from 2007's The Writer Magazine.


Guide to Online Marking Common errors in writing and how to mark them.

Grammar Girl Mignon Fogarty's guru guide to grammar.

Concise Writing

Writing Style Make your writing concise by employing the proper writing style for your manuscript.

Writing Concise Sentences De-clutter the padding to write clearly.

Avoiding Bias

Keep the Labels Out of Your Writing APA style on eliminating bias in regard to stereotypes in sexuality, race, gender, disability and general populations.

Gender Bias How to avoid gender bias in pronouns.

Types of Bias How public relations practitioners avoid these types of bias in their writing and in their work.


Commonly Misspelled Words Is it "their" or "they're?"

The Spelling Society Organization began in 1908 to raise awareness of linguistic and literacy issues.


Vocabulary Activities and Games Vocabulary University's lesson plans, puzzles and test preparation.

Improving Your Vocabulary Studies and resources regarding vocabulary development.

Overcoming Writer's Block

Strategies to Get the Juices Flowing Again Ways to overcome the challenges of writer's block.

Overcoming Perfectionism in Writing Learn to take it easy on yourself and overcome the stumbling blocks to writing.

References Sources

Great Books Online Bartleby's site to free books and other information online.

Essential Phrases in 36 Languages The BBC's guide to indispensable phrases in three dozen languages from Albanian to Ukrainian.

Everything About Copyrights The U.S. government copyright site with forms and copyright rules.

Plagiarism All you ever needed to know about plagiarism and ethical writing.


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