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999inks.co.uk began life selling ink & toner in January 2005, with two employees: a manager, and a multitasker responsible for everything from customer services to packing and dispatching orders. Together they sold printer cartridges on Ebay out of a bedroom – and even delivered orders themselves, travelling the UK by train, orders in hand.

Their logo was a black & white static image: an ink cartridge racing to its destination.

Before long their devotion to delivering emergency ink fast enabled them to create their own website. They moved to offices overlooking the Marble Arch Tower in London, and since then have grown to become one of the premiere ink cartridge retailers online.

In between heading an expanding staff dedicated to delivering quality ink & toner at reduced prices, the original pair even updated their logo. The racing ink cartridge remains.

Today 999inks.co.uk is a brand that imports the best quality ink & toner from across Europe. Its products are ISO 9001 Certified – a standard ensuring the quality of its cartridges. It houses its own Testing Department, meaning that every cartridge passes a set of stringent tests before dispatch, and the 999inks.co.uk site is 100% secure.

Recently 999inks.co.uk began selling lifestyle products – such as TVs and DVD players – in addition to the ink & toner cartridges for which it remains best known. To coincide with its 5th birthday, 999inks.co.uk released its first TV advert.

If you’d like to get in touch with 999inks.co.uk for any reason, we’re always happy to hear from you. Please either:

Phone: 020 8836 3911

Email: [email protected]

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